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The Josef Hoffmann Birthplace.THE JOSEF HOFFMANN BIRTHPLACE is a unique cultural monument located in the Czech Republic. Since 2006 the Josef Hoffmann Birthplace has been a joint centre of the Moravian Gallery in Brno and the MAK Austrian Museum for Applied Arts / Contemporary Art in Vienna. The originality of Hoffmann’s native house lies in the modifications to its interiors, and partly also exteriors carried out in 1907–1911 in the spirit of the Wiener Werkstätte, particularly distinct in interior decoration involving stencils. Each room features different motifs, timeless through their refined shapes. The Josef Hoffmann Birthplace houses the “Josef Hoffmann: Inspirations” permanent exhibition.

Interior wall decoration Interior wall decoration Interior wall decoration Interior wall decoration Interior wall decoration Interior wall decoration


In the centre of the dining room stood a furniture set in the historicist style inherited from Hoffmann’s parents, next to the door were display cases; naturally, some of the objects in them came from the Wiener Werkstätte. A new element in the interior was an upholstered bench in the corner inspired by British “cozy corners” (spots intended for meetings with friends) popular among modernist artists. The walls are decorated with prints by Hoffmann’s friends Koloman Moser, Emil Orlik, Max Kurzweil, Fritz Zeymer and Franz von Zülow from the early 20th century representing the latest trends in period graphic art. They were transferred to Brtnice from Hoffmann’s flat in Vienna.

Dining room - historical photo Interior wall decoration Dining room - current view


Ther family used the room for relaxation while listening to music. There was a piano and a sofa along the opposite wall, as well as étagères with books and magazines. Josef Hoffmann later moved to the room his collection of folk fabrics that he displayed in a painted closet made around 1800 in the Linz area.

Music room - historical photo Interior wall decoration Music room - recent view.


Next to the music room was a small room, originally a corridor with a staircase leading to the warden’s flat on the ground floor. Hoffmann later converted it into a bedroom.

  Interior wall decoration Přijímací salon - současná podoba.


Hoffmann probably employed the ornament on the bedroom walls for the first time in 1905 when furnishing model rooms in the WienerWerkstätte salesrooms. In the year when he was reconstructing his house, Hoffmann designed a pattern for an upholstery fabric known as Zick–Zack derived from the motif decorating this room, for the Johann Backhausen&Söhne textile company.

  Interior wall decoration Bedroom - recent view


Visitors to the house were shown to the drawing room, the importance of which was accentuated by the painted decoration of the ceiling. The room contained a seating unit from the house of Hoffmann’s parents placed opposite a large étagère, similar to the one in the Collalto chateau and holding small decorative articles.

Drawing room - historical photo Interior wall decoration Drawing room - recent view.


The present decoration of the room illustrates the first modification to the interior from 1907. Photographic documentation shows that Hoffmann had the walls decorated once more, this time with wallpaper with floral leaf-work. In all probability, this was done after 1934 when the roof and the adjoining rooms were destroyed by fire spreading from the neighbouring house. The staircase was then painted as well.

  Interior wall decoration Bedroom - recent view

Create your own design

Create your own design for the wall decoration. Using stencils by Josef Hoffmann, you can make wallpaper that can be then saved or printed. You can work with several stencils at once but remember that beauty and harmony are achieved through the combinations of the most elementary shapes. We believe that you will find the game inspiring.

Theme: Jitka Petřeková
Texts: Martina Lehmannová, Jitka Petřeková
Photo: Michaela Dvořáková, Kamil Till

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